How to Grow a Beard?

How to grow a beard
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Many young males cannot wait until they are men or mature enough to have beard.  But how to grow a beard correctly and properly?

That’s why we are here to help You and guide You through this exciting journey – growing a beard!

There are several individuals who find males with beards to be extremely attractive.  Whether the male is wearing a goatee, short boxed beard, balbo beard, or anchor beard it really does not matter.

Some say beard trend is guided by evolution.  A beard is usually a sign of maturity for males.  In some cultures if a man is fully grown and does not have a beard he is still not viewed to be a man.  Like all parts of your body your beard needs to be well taken care of.  You should keep it properly groomed.  Have it trimmed in which ever style you like.

However, before you get to the trimming you should ensure it is clean.   Keep it well moisturized and healthy.

Beard Oil

Beard needs to be adequately moisturized.  When males use those harsh products that were created for the crown of your head on your face and beard – it could be a recipe for disaster.  There are various types of products that were created specifically to help your beard to remain strong and moist.

One such product is beard oil.

This type of oil is great for the beard. In particular Fragrance Free Beard Oil & Leave In Conditioner, 100% Pure Natural for Groomed Beards, Mustaches, and Moisturized Skin 1 oz by Ranger Grooming Co by Leven Rose (Beard Oil)  It is rich in those wonderful conditioning ingredients such as, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, and argan oil.  These oils are perfect for combating dryness associated with the areas under and close to the chin.  Many skin care and hair specialist believe that the prime time to apply beard oil is immediately after washing your face.  This is mainly because the skin and hair are both at their optimum time for receiving nutrients.  This oil also leaves your beard smelling amazing.  Beard oil does not only give your skin and beard that fresh feel but that scent which is positively captivating.

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Beard Shampoo

It is not a secret that Your beard is much more different from the set of hair found on the top of your head.

Your beard, along with the skin on your face need special care.  Your beard is more sensitive and require more oils and less harsh shampoos.  The shampoos used on your hair are very strong.  Sometimes these shampoos contain ingredients that you cannot even pronounce correctly.

Your beard needs special treatment.

It does not need those stronger shampoos used on the top of your head.  Many men usually believe it is unmanly to take of themselves.  They may use the same bath product to wash their face and on their beards.  However, this is not a healthy practice.  Especially if you are looking for that healthy plus shiny beard.  Avoid those types of shampoos and bath products that will leave your beard and facial skin feeling course and dry.

Get the right shampoos that strengthen your hair roots and helps to add moisture.

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Beard Balm

Another product that helps the bread greatly is beard balm.  It is similar to beard oil but it has a much dense composition.  It may look much like a lip balm.  When the balm is rubbed together in your hands it turns oily.  It is perfect for dealing with an itchy beard.  Additionally it treats any flaky skin that may be under your beard.  It also has ultra-deep conditioning properties.  These help to keep the hair healthy.

Food and supplements for beard

Food for beard - How to Grow a beard?
Many males want to get beards fast.  They may try various types of products or suggestions to aid in the growth of their beard.  However, the beard is not like the hair on the crown of your head.  It takes longer to grow.  This is usually because it needs special attention.  There are many food supplements that assist in the growth of your hair.  They may not give you that instant beard.  But they help to keep your beard strong and well nurtured.  This helps to make the growth of your beard a smoother and more productive process.

If males want to increase the length of their beard, there are two main things they must increase first.  Scientist believe that testosterone and the male hormone DHT are greatly responsible for the growth of beard.  If males use supplements that will boost these areas then their beards will increase in length and texture.  Two products that are great supplements for the beard are: a proper multivitamin and creatine.

A proper multi-vitamin contains those nutrients and vitamins that help to produce testosterone.  As stated earlier an increase in testosterone leads to an increase in hair.  Creatine is used by weight lifters to assist in the growth of muscles.  But you are not trying to grow muscles but hair.  There is scientific evidence to show that creatine increases testosterone and DHT levels, making it a perfect beard growth supplement.

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Beard trimming

All males should keep themselves looking great.  They should ensure their hair looks great, smells fresh and that it is will kept.  If you are growing your beard you should try to keep it proper.  As a result trimming of the beard is needed.  If you want to trim your beard yourself you will need the following:

  1. Comb or brush
  2. High-grade clippers
  3. Scissors
  4. Beard oil or moisturizer: for softness and health

When trimming the bread you should always comb it out first.  Then you use the clippers to cut the hair evenly.  Some individuals may want to fade the neck and sides, while others may remove the hair from these parts completely.  It depends on the beard style you want.  You should use the scissors to get the rid of those strays.  The final part of the process will then involve the application of a beard oil to keep your hair healthy.

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While it is not so hard to let the beard grow by itself by adding just some simple tips and tricks You will get absolutely amazing looks!

So it’s worth the effort and follow our guide to get the BEARD YOU WANT!